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Hey Zindy, :wave: I'm glad you are sounding more positive, I was fortunate that I didn't have much choice when I was diagnosed, as hurthle cells are nothing to muck around with. Also I was so sick of being treated like a neurotic female every time I mentioned my symptoms. At least now they have to treat me :D Just took getting my throat cut...lol

I am on 125mcgs of Oroxine (I live in Australia) Basically it is the same as Synthroid. Surgeon put me on 100mcgs straight after surgery, but I went back to 50 after a few days as it was too much, but got back to 100 after about a week. Found I had to increase very slowly (12.5mcgs) otherwise I got diarrhea.

Compared to a lot on this board I am doing it quite easily, I think it is easier to adjust meds without the thyroid, unless you have problems converting the T4 to T3. I still have symptoms but they are bearable.

It is good that your surgery will be done by an ENT, in this country we just get pot luck with whoever is on.

Hope you are having a great day ;)

Keep us posted

Pam :)