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A little about me:

-underactive thyroid and taking 112mcg of Synthroid daily
-started a low dose of b/c pills to help regulate my period (I was having very heavy bleeding)
-after 2 mo on pill period was starting right on the day I started my "sugar pills". No problems and thought everything was fine.

-on july 11th until july 14th I spotted but no actual period like I should have had.
-got off the pill on the 15th just in case I could be pregnant.
-took a pregnancy test recently and it said I wasn't pregnant.

My question...was it too early to take a test? Would the spotting be considered a period and should I have waited until my next period is scheduled to come (Aug 8th)?

My body feels weird but not sure if it is my mind playing tricks on me. I have two children already so I know what pregnacy feels like but it has been awhile. On top of that I think my thyroid is acting up. I know if you are pregnant you thyroid med dose will need to be raised.

I know I need to see the dr but wasnt sure if I should wait until the 8th to see if I start or not.