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I feel the same as you. I run from MDs who think I'm a dummy when it comes to my health. My former primary even asks on the health history form what level of education the patient has reached. I strongly believe when he sees "high school" written there, he thinks that the patient is stupid and maleable. Bet me!

If you have what you believe to be an uncomplicated case of hypothyroidism, forget endos altogether. The attitude you've been shown is the attitude of the majority of that speciality. Their MO is strictly textbook... only TSH can indicate whether treatment is needed and Synthroid is the only drug to use. You don't have to take that.

It's not easy to find a good thyroid doc, but it isn't impossible. HypoT is common, so try asking around your acquaintance circle for names of MDs that your hypo friends and relations are happy with. If you get no help that way, try an osteopathic doctor. Osteopaths are more holistic than MDs, so they often better understand what an underfunctioning gland can do to the entire body system and often are more open to a trial treatment. DOs also are mainstream enough that insurers are willing to reimburse them.

I recommend the physician finder on the Armour Thyroid site. Armour prescribers are usually more open-minded about diagnosis and treatment, even if Armour wouldn't happen to be the best drug for you. You can also feel out the pharmacist at your local drug stores for names of doctors who regularly prescribe Armour for their patients.

You could make yourself crazy looking for a sympathetic endo. They are few and far between. I saw only one, and to her credit, she made the diagnosis and began treatment. The trouble was, Synthroid is the only drug she prescribes for it, and I couldn't take it. It overmedicated me at the smallest dose. She told me to wait until I was "sicker" so that I could "tolerate" the Synthroid. How's that for competent help? She must have thought I was stupid, too.