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Hi all --

This thread refers to a post I did yesterday. My dr. told me to take Synthroid at bedtime, instead of the a.m. like the manufacturer says. I'm switching to Levoxyl for financial reasons, and also because I think Synthroid is giving me unecessary side effect issues.

Has anyone out there changed the time of day they take their levothyroxine? Did it help or hinder? As I switch to Levoxyl I wonder if I should also switch to taking it in the a.m. My Dr. doesn't recommend me switching in the first place, but also doesn't think my side effects are from Synthroid, so I know she would say keep taking it at night. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.. it's so nice to know you're not alone with this maze of trying to get back to normal!
One thing you may understand better the farther you get into this is that MDs don't know everything. As good as he is, mine doesn't; I'm sure yours doesn't either. When faced with a question such as yours for myself, I choose first to try the accepted and standard way of doing things.

The prescribing information for my drug says to take it "once daily before breakfast or as directed by your doctor". My doctor didn't specify timing, so I chose the first option. Neither morning or evening dosing is more "correct" than the other. It's a matter of what will work the best with the highest degree of convenience which makes compliance easier.

Your MD may have a very valid reason for his timing; I don't understand what it would be. I'd be curious to know, if you care to ask him and report back. Are there other medications you must take in the morning that the Synthroid would conflict with? That would be a good reason for evening administration; other than that, I really don't get his reasoning. I know for myself, it would be much tougher to have the required empty stomach at bedtime, so I have doubts that the drug would be properly absorbed if I took it then.

Bottom line is... any individualized schedule can work. Consistency is everything, though. If it's taken with food, it should be the same kind of food each time. For example, if the tablet is taken with breakfast, it can't be high-fiber cereal one time and a donut the next, because fiber binds up more of the med than simple carb does. You would, in effect, end up on a different dose every day and maybe never get your levels stable. See how tricky that can get?

To keep it the most simple and effective for me, I take it as the prescribing info suggests.
Mjanem... seems this thread has gotten off track. You haven't asked, but here's my take on the side subject that has been introduced.

I'm a strong proponent of T3 for those who need it. I take it myself, in the form of Armour thyroid, and I'm doing very well with it. I believe it's worth fighting for if Synthroid doesn't completely fill one's hormone needs. But put me down on record in saying that not everyone needs T3, and that many, many people take T4-only drugs and do very well on them. In the past year, I've learned that two acquaintances of mine have been taking Synthroid for decades and feel just fine on it. I also have another friend who is not doing so well, but she is reluctant to find a doctor who'll address her possible need for T3. I respect that.

Since you are so new to treatment, mere weeks following your TT and cancer treatment, it's perfectly reasonable to follow your MD's plan for hormone replacement for the time being to see where it gets you. Keep in mind, though, that many people never feel completely "whole" on T4-only replacement. If you get to that point, keep T3 in mind as a possible adjunct to your T4.