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I am hoping someone else out there has similiar problems like my hubby. he had graves and did rai treatment 6 months ago cause tapapzole did not help. he then about 4 months ago went hypothyroid severely. his in on synthroid now. anyway we always thought his stomach hurt due to the severe reflux , severe regurg and maybe even the graves disease. but , the symptoms are not better and he has been on stomach meds for about 10 years now. He bloats up after eating , vomitts after meals at times , has bouts of diarrhea sometimes it is even black. has stomach pain and feels lousy after eating. Does anyone else have these problems with being hypo or after treating the graves??? He still can't taste salty food 6 months after the rai , which they said would only last a few weeks. any input would be wonderful thank you much !!!