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When I started on Armour Thyroid (June '06) it took about 6 weeks for me to notice that my outer eyebrows were coming back! I had tiny short little hairs growing where there had been none for the better part of 2 decades!

And...I noticed new growth of hair on my head at my hairline! Short little dark hairs sticking straight up! I was thrilled & my hair was never even very thin, but now it's so much thicker (like it was years ago).

And I also noticed that the hair on my arms in normal now. As a child I had lots of blonde hair on my arms. Over time that was mostly gone. NOw I have a little bit of blonde hair on my arms again.

I also had much less body hair in other places too & that seems to be coming back more slowly.

I had been on Synthroid since 1981 prior to switching to Armour.My free T3 was at the bottom of the range on every old lab report I have been able to find in my old medical records (that I have recently obtained).

I had adrenal insufficiency too. See my post on your other thread about that if you like. Many doctors and patients will (wrongly) think they can't tolerate taking T3 because of adrenal insufficiency shows itself and mimics hyper-thyroid. (So it is often wrongly diagnosed as having too much T3).

Best wishes.