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I was wondering if someone can ease my mind if possible. I have been having a bit of brown spotting and brown/black discharge for a few months. Sometimes it's stretchy like cervical fluid or gummy. It usually only lasts a day or two, sometimes mid-cycle, sometimes before. My cycles have always been long (35+) days but lately they seem to be getting longer. I saw my doc in Feb., mentioned it and she didn't blink an eye. Saw another doc in May (fertility doc) and he didn't seem concerned, said to keep an eye on it.
This past month I had 57 days between periods (though I must mention that we've moved from one state to another and I am very stressed and displaced) and spotted watery brown for about 20, on and off (starting a few days after my last period ended), then a few days of discharge that ranged from light brown and thin to brown and sticky to black and gummy. I had it after sex as well. But there were days in between when there was nothing at all. I finally got my period which was pretty normal, not too heavy.
I've been to 2 doctors. One did a regular pelvic exam and a pap-all was normal. Then I went to another doc (fertility doc) who did several ultrasounds, including a saline sonogram. I had very thick lining (I assume due to the long cycle) but it toally thinned out after I had my period. They said they saw a few polyps on the initial ultrasound but after my period when they did the saline ultrasound, they saw just one very small polyp and he was totally unconcerned, in fact, suggested I could get pregnant with it and it wasn't a problem and it was "unheard of" for someone of my age (pre-menopause), 34 to have endometrial cancer. He didn't even want to remove it. Said the spotting could be hormonal.
The only thing that was "off" was my thyroid and this doc put me on Synthroid. I also started doing acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs.
So I was feeling a bit better and so far I haven't had any brown/black discharge. It's been 6 days since my period and I am terrified everytime I go to the bathroom.
Anyway, I was TRYING to make myself feel better by coming to this board and I found a thread about uterine cancer where one woman talked about the range of symptoms being pink watery discharge to dark thick discharge and I just totally lost it.
I made ANOTHER appointment with ANOTHER doc and I am going to force him to do an endometrial biopsy.
I am losing my mind, I am so stressed.
If ANYONE has anything positive to say to me I would so appreciate it. Anyone with any scary negative stuff, please don't respond. I'm terrified as it is.
Thank you so much.