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Spp, It just so happens that I do have hypothyroidism. I have for over 14 years. It is under control and my blood TSH levels are good right now. I take Synthroid. But dang, this is a bad place to mess with a body. I do not think mine is not infected, but it is still so SORE down to my mid thigh and up to my hip point. No swelling except for I still have the very hard knot under the incision. I see the surgeon again on Thursday and will inquire about it all.

Reach, Thank you for the advice and information regarding the lymph nodes and fluid. It makes sense to me and I had already wondered where the fluid would go without a node there anymore. Cheers to you, too, for kicking cancer in the butt for over 10 years!

And, yes, I'm thrilled with my clear report.