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Moldman -- Oh my goodness -- are you right on target -- when I was sick for months with the hyperthyroidism -- guess what THEY CALLED ME SYCHOSEMATIC (sp) and sent me to a psych dr and I refused antidepressents.........no one took blood tests including no TSH, T4, etc until my legs ballooned to elephant legs and even then it took a while -- they sent me to the cardiac dr who did an echo and said "boy you have a strong heart -- listen to those heartbeats" ......my heart was pounding, pulse was 98 and when they finally did the blood tests it was way over 100 but I am crazy and depressed. Where are their heads?

By the way, the RAI did not kill it all off. The endo can't figure it out -- I am still within normal range now and it has been 2 1/2 years. He said I should have been hypo more than a year ago .... he is just dying to get me on Synthroid but can't do it unless my numbers go down.. HA HA to him and all of them. I am disgusted with all the docs except my oncologist but you just can't get a good one any more esp a PCP. You see the NP all the time who knows squat and then she gets annoyed when I say I can't take this or that. Not my fault. You sure have to be knowledgable about meds before you pop them in your mouth.

I am allergic to sulfa also and when the legs swelled up (symptom of hypo not hyper by the way??) the ER doc gave me a script for something and when I got to the drug store the pharmacist said it had sulfa in it. Thank God she knew. Then he told her to give me Norvasc for some reason andd the next day when I saw that cardiac doc he said Norvasc can make your legs swell and took me off................................... It's the docs that will kill us. I try to take as little as I can and fend for myself.

Allergic to the flu shot (neomycin and thimerasol) so I found out they now have a preservatove free, antibiotic free flu shot. Last year after begging profusely my doc was able to get one from a pediatrician and made sure I knew how difficult it was for her. This year "she couldn't get it" Luckily I found out there are Minute Clinics in CT - I am in MA that carry it so I got one -- 2 hours down and 2 hours back. She said you have to buy a box od 10 as they have no preservative and are single dose and she did not want to do it because I was they only one who could not get the traditional. All the docs that are any good are not taking new patients so what do you do. I can't go into Boston as I am turning 70 and my car is old and not near the train.

Thanks for letting me rant and rave.....it must be the mold in my brain. The docs don't want to hear about mold. I read somewhere that some guy was told by his doc that if he mentioned the word mold again he would be dismissed from the practice. That is the feeling you get -- you don't dare ask if this or that could be related to long term mold exposure. I even saw an infectious disease doc who said unless I was coughing up blood from aspergillosis there was nothing he could do for me. If I really wanted some antifungals he would give them to me but don't bother him. Well, I am allergic to all the antifungals for women's problems including Diflucan so I figured don't bother. I can take Nystatin yet for thrush but that is not going to do anything for my mycotoxin problems.

From patch testing she found I am allergic to carba mix and balsam of peru. BofP crossreacts with herbs and spices so I am afraid to experiment with them. Now I know why I got big red welts whereever the bandaid adhesive was - carba mix.

I feel kind of hopeless.

If you have a chance, get a copy of Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Mendelsohn. He explains the game exquisitely.

GeezOPete - where do I start?

The things you described are some basic things that Old School Doctors would know right away. What we have now is a bunch of rich kids who were never sick a day in their lives going into doctoring with a mercenary frame of mind being taught out of textbooks based on false premises and have to pay for their education that was structured from the early 1900's to answer only to the Holy Order of Pharmaceuticals.

Old School could look at a bulbous nose and tell you that you had a heart condition. They could look at the quality of your skin and listen to the sound of your voice and tell what was going on inside. They probably got it from 5000 years of the Chinese doing it and just repackaged it as being American, but at least they were doing the right thing.

Here's what an Old Timer had to say about this kind of thing:
You had a strong heartbeat because thyroid hormones have a direct effect on the heart. It wasn't 'strong' as in 'what a healthy powerful beat you have, Grandma' (Little Red Riding Hood); but overly forceful in compensation for the imbalanced hormones. Thyroid hormones also have an effect on fluid balance (edema) and on brain chemistry (it can make you appear to be a zombie).

So, that was the first clue totally missed.

There should have been TSH, T3, T4 and Thyroid Antibody tests ALL at the same time because there are mathematical ratios that need to be calculated or the tests are half useless.

Great news that the RAI did not finish its evil plot. This should leave you with some residual function - but here is what they DON'T TELL YOU....

They tell you that the radioactive substance has a 'short half-life'. This is true. But unless you know chemistry you don't understand what that MEANS. It means that within months or weeks half of it will be gone. BUT HALF IS STILL LEFT. Then in months or weeks half of that will be gone. You may have heard the story about the frog that jumped halfway to the wall on each hop an never made it to the wall. The gist of this story is that even if you were left with one atom in your system it is still bombarding you with whatever energy level it was manufactured to.

There are three recognized causes of Cancer in Modern Medicine:

I can't help smiling when I think of how they 'treat' cancer:
Chemicals (Chemotherapy)
Radiation (Radiation therapy)
and now, they are engineering viruses to deliver Gene Therapy

Hair of the Dog that Bit You.

Since I have said it before, I will say it again: you might benefit from NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). It is available in healthfood stores over the counter. The trade name is Mucomyst when they use it as a liquid before they give you contrast dyes. The only downside is that some people can make kidney stones from Cysteine. I do not know of a test to find out if you are a stone maker, but that is why most are formulated with B6 to prevent this.

I realize that you said that you are allergic to sulfa. This is not uncommon. Sulfa is a short name for a chemical that is sulfur based. It is not normal to the human body like the amino acid Cysteine. Cysteine can be found in eggs and other foods. I would recommend that you consult a physician before taking sulfur based supplements since you have so many conditions. The Canary was allergic to all forms of sulfur. As I said earlier it took using the right brands of cysteine supplements and many years to get to a point where I could even eat eggs, garlic, onions, etc. I guess if you could tolerate any of the foods, that would be a good start and work your way up.

Once you are on Synthroid it DOWNREGULATES your thyroid basically throwing the switch that says, "Don't bother working on your own anymore." After a while of not working, it forgets how to work and you might not be able to kickstart that motorbike again.

If you are sensing a Sardonic tone it is because this is all known yet it repeats itself over and over again (I've heard this all before from too many other people) but the health industry just keeps going like they've never seen or heard it before. (The working definition for insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results every time).

But here's why: You're a Cash Cow. They know that if they ignore your thyroid (that is currently the major time keeper for the heart and is usually the first to go) that your adrenals will take over the job. There is just so much that adrenals can do as secondary timekeepers for the heart and still meet the other demands so they give out. Then you have a heart attack - but not to worry! They know ALL ABOUT heart attacks. They have an entire Industry built around that! There's handfuls of drugs, pacemaker implants to make you a Borg from Startrek, and other bells and whistles until you kick it and then they just yell, "NEXT!"

So, let's try to peel back the curtain on this Wizard of Oz.
I don't have a clue on what a thyroid storm is all about. It seems reasonable to think that since there is a relationship with Iodine and certain penicillin species of mold (like yellow rice mold) that it might have been a reaction to some exposure.

Has anyone ever told you WHY it happened? (My favorite medical diagnosis is: I don't know.)

The Old School Doc said that all of his patients who had Hashimoto's all had their carpets cleaned in the summer. His theory was that it was a disease transmitted by dust mites who multiplied during the high humidity of the carpet cleaning that was sustained during the summer because the carpets never really dried.

Without the WHY you will never be able to discover or correct the CAUSE.

Ever wonder why the FDA says: Only drugs can DIAGNOSE or cure a disease? They 'try' a drug and go, "Ooops, that didn't work - well, we know what it isn't."

Should I say, "Norvasc...?" (from your previous post)

Regarding Flu shots: Why do you get them?

The H and N antigen presentations on any given flu 'going around' at any time has worse odds than Vegas of ever being in the shot that you get. According to what you say your age is, you are of the next generation from the one that survived the 1900's mess that pretty much confers immunity to that entire generation. The selling features for a flu shot is that the elderly die of complications like pneumonia. So, what got them, the flu or pneumonia? Barbara Loe Fisher posts all of the pros and cons of vaccines that Dr. Mendelsohn (Confessions of a Medical Heretic) called the Holy Anointing into lifelong treatment.

Dr. Shope demonstrated the EXACT relationship between flu and its causes in the 1930's and 40's and was promptly ignored.

Rant and rave all you want. As you know, they aren't listening. As stated above they can only treat based on what they paid for in their 'education' that does not allow for thinking outside the box.

I will have to look into carba mix and balsam. Adhesive rash is a clear sign of chemical allergy.

Hulda Clark would say avoid Isopropyl (propyl, or rubbing alcohol) at ALL costs. It shows up in things like shampoo, etc. not just the stuff in the bottle.

You've got a lot going on. I hope you have good days.
Share, when you say compounded T3/T4, do you mean Armour? Well, even if not, it sounds like synthetic might be the way to go. Some people do have problems with natural because it's inconsistent. If you're underactive, you do have to have it treated though --when I was dxed I was seriously toxic and if left untreated, would not be here to post on this board.

The sinus thing seems to be a vicious cycle -- allergens/molds make it occur and then with each bout, the sensitivity increases. That REALLY made sense to me.

Vitamin D3 is interesting to read about. It actually acts in the body as a hormone. You CAN overdo it though so make sure you research thoroughly. Anything over 4,000 a day should not be taken without the advice of a physician and even then, that's a pretty high dose. I can talk to you more about this if you want -- I take D3 because there is some support that it can help MS. Oh -- and if you DO wind up taking Synthroid for your thyroid, you must supplement with calcium w/D anyway -- any synthetic hormone can weaken the bone.

Share, so sorry to read about all you're going through. I hope things turn around soon!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]Hi everybody!

Suggi: Fungal balls, you betcha. I've personally passed 2 of the super nasty things. YUCK. Obviously they didn't kill me. Sure is a good thing they came out, I was super sick, like I had the flu for months and months. It was app. 8 months after taking a motherlode mold hit in the Turkish baths in Istanbul 1997 that I passed them. Super bad place for people with mold allergy, too bad I didn't know I had it. Bummer is I didn't even enjoy massage.....I could hardly breathe through my nose for a long time. Had a lot of headaches, drainage, snored something terrible -- all got so much better when moved out of moldy house, is simply amazing. Still not where I want to be though. Am trying to get back in habit with sinal washing.

The thing I deal with now is more related to my ears itching and getting soupy, also I have spasmodic breathing, I think it's also called hiccup asthma. Symptoms are very quick with exposure to both mold and chemicals.

Thanks for reminder about carpeting. I'll be as careful as i can. Sounds like you know more than I do about how to clean carpet. I know it must be very difficult trying to keep up with daily chores with only the one arm. Not to mention addtl stuff we must do with mold prevention, etc. You persevere Suggi. I respect that.

Beary: sounds like you are coping pretty well with ms without drugs. good for you. mold can be super nasty stuff, can't it? and chemicals are so overdone in the world, it's frightening. i think we are seeing many people with mcs who don't know it. i am amazed at how many people talk to me about such and such a chemical they have trouble with. i point out, where there is one area of sensitivity there is room for more...

the compounded t3/t4 i took was a synthetic form of thyroid, have forgotten the name, different one than synthroid. it was made to order (compounded) based on my specific needs. expensive. worked at first then my levels began fluctuating and i'd go hypo, then hyper, my adrenals were so burned out, levels were in my sox --oh boy it was awful, i felt terrible. that wa when i lived in moldy house. I need to understand what is going with me now and if there is a possibilty of iodine ingestion using seaweed or kelp, then i'm all for it. even though i'm not sure how i will manage the flavor long term. right now, i just want to get better so i'm doing it. hopefully getting enough, i'm just eating it out of the bag until my body says enough. so far doesn't taste bad to me at all, just salty. am being careful of snail shells, etc. thanks.

Thank you, I really appreciate specific doses on D3. I will read about it very thoroughly and may very well need to talk with you again. I understand women past a certain age can become deficient in D3 very easily.
I appreciate your kind support. it helps me.


so much to say, as usual....yes those warm winters are a real problem. i've been thinbking on this very subject for some time now.
i need to reread and think about several things we've been talking about. Tomorrow I'm going to sit outside at a local coffee shop to do emails, etc and so will respond then to you. until then...
your genuine concern for others is uplifting. I hold this in very high esteem.


I hoope you are getting the help you need. This is a very difficult time, when you are realizing the depth of what has happened to you. The losses can be overwhelming. You are considerate of others, while still having the fighter in ya! admirable qualities.

To All:
My prayer for you,
May you have many, many more good days than bad; may you find the answers you seek; may all those you need and care about hear your truth and respect it; may you experience a profound healing in your life; may you always love and be loved.

In peace,

Share, if you're interested, you can also have your D levels tested. I don't think it's been changed already but I know that there has been talk about the RDA for vitamin D being raised. As we discussed, D3 is the "sunshine" component and actually works as a hormone. Do be careful about heaving dosing unless advised a doctor because this is one of the vitamins that could be bad if you take too much of it. A few people who have MS have reported that their neuros have them take 4,000 IU a day -- I've also read this with another opinion that you should decrease this in summer months (or year round if you live in a warm, sunny climate). Now, these are people with MS and right now, even I don't take that much. I'm currently at around just over 2,000 a day, adding up the D3 in my calcium and multi and supplementing from there. But again, I'm not "normal". That said, I think that's probably a safe dose but you should do some more research on it in general and also as it might relate to what you're experiencing.

Re: thyroid, Synthroid is very controlled (more so than Armour and I would think a compound) so if what you're doing doing doesn't work, you may want to think about it. Just make sure you get the full thyroid panel done before doing anything and consult with an endocrinologist -- it's all about the balance, not just one number.

Lastly, just a word on the shampoo and other things you're using. I've used Nizoral shampoo (for Tinea Verisicolor, an airborne fungus that settles on the skin and scalp) and think it's very good. You might want to check it out to see if there are any ingredients that might not sit well with you though. When I get TV (usually once a year, when it's hot and humid) I use this and found nothing that comes close to being a "real" shampoo (not drying, etc.).

I'm not an expert on allergen stuff but I saw a TV segment with a woman named Amilya Antonetti who had a VERY sick child and despite seeing many doctors, no one could figure out what was wrong. She had a hunch and discovered on her own that her son was highly allergic to household stuff and things "normal" people use. She eventually developed her own line of products and although I don't know where you can get them, it's called Soapworks. Not sure, but it might be worth checking out.

Good luck to you!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]Good evening all:

I have some good news -- i bought a car! I got what i need, reliable well maintained low mileage civic with no mold and minimal chemicals (can we ever say no chemicals when it comes to a car?). i am encouraged. this is an important accomplishment as it will allow me the mobility to make everything else happen.

i have not had a car for two years now. this means so much to me. i feel like i have regained a part of my life, a life that has at times, felt truly dead to me.

now for a healthy, affordable place to live with like spirited folk.

something intersting, in the last 2 days have noticed an improvement in my sense of smell, especialky of mold. i attribute it to the supplements i am taking now. i like this very much. i wonder, will i smell flowers more sensitively as well? i lost my sense of smell completely when i lived in mold (also affected hearing and sight), so this is a welcome improvement as i have wondered more than once if i might never again smell as i was had.

Beary: I hope this finds you feeling well. thanks for info on synthroid, etc. I am cooking with kelp, made a southern favorite, black eyed peas. looking for ways to get it into my diet daily. see if i don't improve with food before go back to meds. the panel my dr. used for years was very in depth, gave T3/T4/TSH levels, in great detail. he understood and explained ratios, is considered an expert in treating thyroid. i have faith in what he does, he has been an excellant diagnostician and does favor better testing methods. i want so much to aid my body in its healing without having to take drugs to do it though. i really need to try. wouldn't it be wonderful if it works!

I'm reading about Vit D now,[/FONT] [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]60 micrograms (2400 IU) daily as a safe dose.[/FONT] [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]many people are deficient, especially after a certain age and that in certain latitudes as well as in the summer when outdoors more, with less clothing on, etc won't need as much supplementation. I certainly fit the profile for symptoms and with all the immune stuff I have going on, makes sense for me to take it for a while. I seem to have a natural ability to tune into what I need, as i practically crave to be outside in natural light of day. Thanks for this info. I really appreciate it.

Am seriously considering using the lamps as that therapy seems to be successful for many mold survivors fro several reasons. will look into costs, etc soon. this site i found also says body processes Vit D from UVB light better than supplements and once balance is achieved, Vit D will simply degrade as fast as it is generated so zero danger of overdose. like that most of all, give my body way to heal itself and create natural balance in process...

Soapworks, hmmm. i like supporting family owned businesses especially with that background. sounds interesting. found site, is under construction. appreciate suggestion on shampoo too. i'll let you know if helps...

Studio:you mentioned government study of mycotoxins. my allergist gave me a paper written about the study of tricothocenes by war dept. for use in germ warfare! i have also read that these same tricothocenes from Stachy become 40,000 times more toxic when the mold dies!!!!! super bad s--t! EPA closes structure and destroys when found in higher levels. gulp. needless to say, that is one of the five i cannot get anywhere near. one day at pharmacy used by allergist, i entered and immediately picked up on something very bad, they said yes, patient was in whose client has it in their home, patient had to leave job and go to Dr/pharmacy for meds. carried residue with them which affected me. super bad s--t that has now been transplanted here to GA in just this type of way, clothing, furniture, rugs.... crap, we, the human race, need to stop this!

You do know not to go to coastline of gulf states, right? mold is still high there. CDC issued bulletin 2 years ago to stay away from 150 miles of coastline of 5 states: FL, AL, LS, MI, TX. not sure what status of that is now, just know there are still serious problems from too many hurricanes too close together. has contributed to serious problems here as well, as they swept inland and were very destructive. AL, TN, GA, NC, SC, VA all were affected.
sometimes i really wonder if i can stay here, is home so is a real dilemma.... mold is everywhre after all.....am praying for answers. meanwhile strengthen my body so can heal from within, less sensitive in the process.

let's see you are in Sonoran Desert. yes, that's right, not many swamp coolers, mostly refridgerated airwhich ismuch better for you now.

thanks for info on adrenal test & treatment, is very helpful in checking what dr's did already. sorry you were so affected. did they test your fasting blood sugar levels also? and what about thyroid? seems all can be affected. was for me. mold warrior, also recommended to me, forgot about it! let me know what you think. great you have specialist to go to. best of luck, hope is a real healer. some use tea tree oil in remediation, my dr. did not recommend, said gSE works better. do know that tea tree has been used topically by many for fungal issues and is said to work although can be very astringent if not diluted properly but heh! gse is a botanical poison so i don't really know which is better. i have used in soaps for myself and shampoo for my dog, worked fantastic for her, actually won vet over to product for treatment of hot spots. re: mold, if you find out, please pass along. mm suggested to me using vinegar to spray shoes with as mold doesn't like it's own waste (explanation many pages back, goes to original query for string). need to explore all non toxic possibilities as am already sensitive to gse. vinegar stinks but is cheap and non toxic. wonder to what dilution will still work.....

not sure about that blood test, mold and lead? is there an association between those two? huh, not familiar with that. I am getting my records next week. quite simnply, i was too sick to comprehend these things. glad i'm past that now! have been discussing testing, pros and cons. several here and elsewhere have said to me, will tests make a difference on treatment? very good question for me, as no insurance. is beneficial to hear what is happening with you, appreciate your willingness to share.

Best of luck with lawyer/landlord caw caw. i'm in your corner all the way. i say, go for it. make them pay for everything you possibly can.

I used filtrate filters at my house, let's see, i think it was 1200 microns per cubic inch? not sure, anyway, pretty decent filter. did help somewhat with dusty mites, etc here's what i figured out, need no mold and clean ventilation system then filters are more effective. dr's recommend in room air cleaners. none of this will fix mold spore problem, too small for filters to stop. if you discover something else, i'm always open to hearing about it.

best wishes to you all for a fun, restful and loving holiday season,