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I am new here. THis year starting in April I got very sick. It started with fatigue and joint pain and then was joined with rapid weight gain and hair loss, among other things. I have been through every test and all that has come up is a positive ANA (anti nuclear antibody) test. I am at a loss and what's worse is that the doctors are too. Most of them think it is in my head by now.
The worst symptom, other than the pain, is the weight gain. Not only is it annoying but it is confusing as well. Every day i wish it were as easy as going on a diet but i can't do that. How can someone go on a diet when they only eat 600 calories to begin with. That's right, I only eat 600 calories a day and sometimes even less. This is what's confusing; i gained almost 40 lbs. in two months eating only 600 calories.
If you have any idea what's causing all my symptoms i would be forever grateful.
PS- have been tested for cushings, thyroid disease, CT scan of neck/stomach/pelvis, MRI of brain, x-ray of chest, heart echo, breathing test, and too many blood tests to count.......... and i am already being treated for hypothryroidism (cytomel + synthroid)
Yes. I recently switched from 125 mcg of Synthroid only to 88mcg synthroid and 10 mcg cytomel. My endo doesn't think my thyroid is the only prob but was willing to give me cytomel to see if i'd feel better on it. I'm also going to another endo soon just to make sure everything is under control endocrine wise. Thank you for your help.