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Christine--It doesn't sound like you compromise your iron intake at all. Before I got sick I didn't take vitamins. I didn't even eat breakfast, never. Back then I had 2 cuppa's for my breakfast. For lunch, I usually had a salad with a very large ice tea. Had tea again around 3-4 to stay awake at work. One hour before dinner I took my Nexium. For dinner, I either drank red wine or you guessed it ice tea. I never really ate meat either. On top of this I had very heavy periods. So, I think that I virtually never got enough iron. I do have to say that I cook a lot and make very healthy meals. I think this is why my B-12 and Folate were so high when I was DX'ed.

Now, I take my synthroid, and have tea. Wait 1-2 hrs and then take iron on an empty stomach, wait another hr and eat cereal. After cereal, I take a prenatal 1/2 dose. With lunch I drink water or juice and then take prenatal again. 1-2 hrs before dinner I take iron 150 again on an empty stomach. With dinner I drink a little water. Several hours after dinner, the last thing I take is the Nexium away from meals. I also eat meat 3X a week that's red meat, blah! I eat dark meat chicken the rest of the time. I have really given this my all. I was just so very sick with everything, I had to do something. The doctors kept saying to me take iron with food and take 1/2 the dose and even stop taking iron, and my blood just continued to drop. I feel that I really fixed my problem with the help of this board (which they told me to stay off of) and the info. on the net, not doctors or even specialists.

I also like a third cup on the weekends. What about PPI's? I don't think tea is a problem for you because you wait long enough in between. I keep taking iron throughout the day, so I never have the opportunity to drink it. I do sneak in a cup between 3-4 once in a while for a treat. Now I want that cup of tea! FLFLOWERGIRL:)