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[QUOTE=Starfish564;3224895]I am considering going on Armour and am wondering a few things.

1.) How often do those of you on Armour get your TSH tested by your doctor?

2.) Has anyone ever tried a generic form of Armour (like from an online pharmacy)? If so, were the results comparable to the brand name?

I'm not asking for names of places to get this, just any experiences you may have had with Armour or it's generic.

Thank you!


I used to take Armour alone (now I take it along with additional Synthroid), but my thyroid has never been regulated, so I'm pretty much tested every 2 - 4 months. Sucks big time. And, the Armour isn't causing that. It was the same way when I was on Synthroid alone.

Generic Armour does NOT work for me at all. There came a time where I was taking Armour, and then switched to the generic. The dose didn't change or anything. My Hashi's symptoms started getting worse and worse even though my labs looked alright.

That's just my experience, though.
I have been on Armour generic now for 4 years I think? I don't have any problems with it, and didn't notice a change from the name brand Armour at all. It controls my Hashimoto's just fine!

Just like trying to figure out if Synthroid or Armour is better, you have to try it to find out...depending on what your endo likes to keep your numbers at too makes a difference because some people respond better to one or the other, so you need a medical guidance on it.....

If you DON'T have an endo and a PCP is prescribing I suggest you find an endo, even if you have to drive for one that is good....I live in Michigan so if you are anywhere near or far of Ann Arbor Michigan and want a good one, you can seek out mine, let me know I will give you his name and number. Takes a while to get in to see him but he is wonderful....saved my life! I not only have Hashimotos I also had Thryoid cancer, he found AFTER the Hashimoto's dx. He has been ever so careful with me since surgery, but lets me call the shots on my care, what works best, etc. Of course I get his input for it all.......we now only have a yearly "anniversary date", (I go see him 1 time a year after an ultrasound check up) and we review everything, he looks at me blood levels, says "well, your levels are kinda low but how do you feel?" I say great, he says great! Out the door I go with another years prescription!

It is worth it to have the right doctor for the right treatment for the right condition...Never settle for less!