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Your beta-blocker has the following drug Interactions:
Aluminum salts, ampicillin, calcium salts - Plasma levels and pharmacologic effects may be decreased.
Clonidine - May add to or reverse antihypertensive effects; potentially life-threatening situations may occur, especially on withdrawal.
Diltiazem - Pharmacologic effects of atenolol may be increased; symptomatic bradycardia may occur.
Nifedipine, verapamil - Effects of both drugs may be increased.
NSAIDs - Some agents may impair antihypertensive effect.
Prazosin - May increase orthostatic hypotension.
Quinidine - Pharmacologic effects of atenolol may be increased.

There is not a direct documented interaction with Synthroid. How are you taking you meds and what all are you taking?

Humm.. well there is nothing to say that it was a syntroid-atenolol interaction. It most likely is a personal response to the atenolol.

Atenolol Official FDA information, side effects and uses:
Had these tabulated side effect facts:
Percentage of study patients symptom
66% tiredness
75% lethargy
75% fatigue
66% drowsiness
60% depression

Sounds like you were having the wonderful side effect reaction that most other atenolol patients experienced as well. Glad you are on something that is working well now. Synthroid suggests a 30 min - 1 hr span of time to pass after taking a your toprol. So wait 30 minutes before taking your synthroid.