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Hello Everyone,

I am a 27 year old woman with a very complicated case. Since I was 14 years old I have had Fibromyalgia and massive weight fluctuations. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, after treatment it was like my health just kept spiraling down wards. I developed Hypothyroidism which caused severe muscle spasms in my back and neck. My TSH at discovery of condition was 84.6 which I hear is extremely high. After 1 year of failed treatment on Synthroid I was finally prescribed Armour Thyroid. The same year I was diagnosed with Bronchitis 4 times each and 2 different Dr's Office's. I saw an Asthma/Allergy specialist whom finally diagnosed Adult onset Asthma. He became my GP after that. The next thing that started happening was muscle weakness in the right arm and leg as well as severe pain. I was seeing a Chiropractor for that for a very long time, but no matter what he did, the symptoms constantly got worse. The last visit to the Chiropractor in April of 2006 was the worst day of my life. During a routine lower back stretch I felt something strange almost as if something was being pulled apart. I went home that evening and woke up in extreme pain. My legs and feet felt like I was having boiling hot water poured on them. My arms and hands felt as if there was a shock of electricity running through them. My entire body was sore, tender to touch, swollen, and there were a lot of big muscle knots. This was not like any other Fibromyalgia flare up I had ever had. It was the most painful experience having lived with pain for so long, this is the first time it made me cry and breakdown. I begged for help, I went to see the Osteopath at the same office as the Chiropractor. He is amazing, he tried so many different things, but realized my pain was now beyond the scope of his ability. He referred me to Pain Management Doctor, Dr. Zuckerman (here in Maryland). He was OK, he never took the time to actually listen to what I was trying to say, and immediately went into his rant about how steroid injections would significantly decrease my pain. I had three shots, which seemed to be working, but after the last shot my symptoms went from bad to way worse. Finally, he took an MRI of the Lumbar section of my spine. They found Two diffuse bulging disc's at L4/L5 and L5/S1. The disc at L4/L5 was torn, but it was pressing on nerves not connect to my bladder or GI tract. That was a good thing, but the pain was absolutely unlivable. Dr. Zuckerman preformed a Discography but had me take 2 percocet before hand which significantly alters my perception of pain by putting me in a euphoric state. He stuck a needle into L4/L5 and in other discs as well and I could not feel anything. Because of that he stated my pain was non congruent and told me that it was all in my head. He then referred me to Dr. Wasserman (also in Maryland).

Dr. Wasserman is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. On our first visit he spent well over 2 hours discussing my condition, when things started, where the pain is, what kind of pain, and then he did a physical evaluation and was extremely descriptive in his findings. He said that there is no doubt that I have an extremely complicated case. He changed around my medications, and that helped a little. But then something else started to happen, I started to say and do things that I do not mean to. Like getting angry and throwing things, calling my nephew a bad name and not being able to stop myself, having no concern or care over anyone elses feelings, and then the last straw was when I punched a hole in the wall after someone said something that I was offensive.

Dr. Wasserman immediately wanted to rule out Bipolar especially rapid cycling. But, after the Psychiatrist he referred me to stated to him in his Evaluation form, I have Bipolar II disorder, ADD, and Depression. So, now I am on even more drugs to stabilize my mood and chemical imbalance that could be causing my pain to manifest in a more destructive way.

I am still in pain, and it has been going from progressing to regressing. I applied for SSA Disability the beginning of this year after Dr. Wasserman and Salerian told me that I would never be able to work again. I was denied right off the bat because that is the way they do it. I am filing for reconsideration and want to explain my pain as best as possible so that they can understand it, and maybe realize that Fibromyalgia along with my many other conditions are eligible for disability regardless of my age.

It is hard for me to write about my symptoms. I can tell you when everything started but I can not write how I feel in a proper descriptive way. Can someone help me figure out this method of writing, my reconsideration is due in two weeks.