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OK all you knowledgable people. I've been reading these boards for a couple of months while waiting for my trial period on my new strength of Synthroid to end. Back on the lst of Sept. my TSH was 23.21 and I had been on 88 mcg for a long time. My dr. increased my dose to 125, which I have been on for a little over two months. I have never had anything tested other than TSH so this time I asked for the T3 and T4. The nurse said my ins. may not cover it, but I told her to do it anyway. As far as I know, this has never been checked. Anyway, I got my results back so here they are:
T3 Uptake 29.0 Range 27-42
T4 13.2 Range 4.5-12
T7 3.8 Range 1.0-3.8
TSH 0.84 Range 0.27-4.2
My T4 is a little high. Is that any problem? Also, what is T7. I don't think I have run across this being mentioned in anyone's post.

I do know that for the last several weeks I have been feeling much better.
However, this has happened before and then I would just crash. I still to this day do not know if my problem is thyroid related. I have very few symptoms other than the extreme fatigue that come and goes. Although I have always had my thy. checked each year during my annual physical, according to the dr. my levels were always ok. But this fatigue seemed to start about 9 yrs. ago when I changed drs. and she lowed my dose of synthroid. I had a partial thyroidectomy (sp) years ago and have pretty much been on the same strenth of synthroid for all these years (we're talking 40 something) with no problems. It may just be coincidence that my fatigue came on with the lowering of my dosage. Who knows????????

You guys let me know what you think of my result and much thanks.