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First off i would like to say that this website has been a wonderful guide. Also, english is not my native language so i apologize if my post is hard to follow. I am a male 21 years old and i have been losing hair especially on the top of the scalp, right in the middle. It does not follow the male pattern baldness.

I went to see a doctor and he had my thyroid levels checked. My TSH came out to be 5.98, Free T4 was 1.0 (0.9-1.8), and my T3 was also on the low side, i dont exactly remember what it was.

I do have a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism like hair loss, weight gain (even though i workout five day a week), fatigue and a slightly swollen thyroid. the endocrinologist, however, told me that it was unlikely that my symptoms were related to my thyroid deficiency because i was borderline hypothyroid. he agreed to put me on 50 mcg synthroid. i was wondering if someone can have symptoms of hypothyroidism with a TSH of 5.98? I would really appreciate any input. Thanks!
Optimal TSH should be low, around 1.0 (yours is way too high & that points to hypo-thyroid).

Also, the Free T4 is way too low (that also points to hypothyroid) & NOT just a little hypothyroid. Shoot for the Free T's to be at least in the middle of the range, a little higher is better.

TSH is pitutary hormone and the higher it is the more your pitutary gland is begging for thyroid hormones from your thyroid and for some reason your thyroid can't produce enough.

Have you had any accidents or whiplash or too many x-rays (that might be the cause). Did they do a thyroid antibody test on you?

Taking Synthroid can cause the Free T3 to get even lower than it was before you started the Syntroid and could make your symptoms even worse. So after you have been on that dose for about 6 weeks it's time to re-test (and make sure they do all the test...TSH, FREE T3 & FREE T4).

Then from the new test they can determine if you need to increase the dose (and you porbably will because that is a very small dose). And if the FREE T3 is still too low after the TSH gets down to around 1.0 and the FREE T4 in at or a little above the middle of the "normal range" then your would likely need a T3 med (because Synthrod is a T4 only med).

Your body can convert T4 into T3 but the question is....how much and is it enough to make you feel normal?

Believe it or not many, many doctors only test the TSH and only prescribe T4 meds like Synthroid & their patients often continue to feel poorly and they then tell their patients that it's not their thyroid making them feel bad anymore because the TSH is "within normal range". BUT the "normal range" for TSH is too broad (and the TSH needs to be supressed down to around 1.0) AND the FREE T3 & FREE T4 need to be measured and the FREE T3 needs to be treated with a T3 med if it is found to be below the middle of the "normal range".

Best wishes.
About the hair loss and re-growth...I think getting my ferritin level up did as much as switching from Synthroid to Armour (my FREE T3 was very low on the Synthoird!).

After I started Armour I noticed my eyebrows coming back. I also noticed new hair growth at my hairline (and all over, but it was easier to see at the hairline). The thing is...I started taking iron (because my ferritin was 15) at about the same time as I started the Armour.

Then a couple of months ago, I felt my ferritin was low again & started the ion again. I noticed more new growth at my hairline.
I been on synthroid for 4 years and haven't lost any hair even long before I had my thyroid out. I do know of a friend who had bald spots from losing hair to the point where they found out they needed a water softner.There was too much of a type of chemical into their well water.All my family has throid problems and none has loss of hair.I'm the only one so far in my family to have the thyroid out and there is 6 of us.So maybe your hair loss is from something different. I wouldn't waste time getting it checked out. Good luck.