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I have been to the endo many times. I have hyptothyroid with hyperthyroid symptoms. I.E. weight loss instead of weight gain. In all of my visits to the endo, I have never had a bad one. Usually all they do is feel your throat area to check for a goider (sp) and take blood to get your accurate blood count and thyroid levels. Once diagnosed with thyroid disease they may have you do a few other tests to check your thyroid. I have never had a painful test. and then they figure out which medication is right for you. I was on synthroid for the first 6 years and then I started to get "sick" again. They then switched me to endocrine which supposedly comes from pig thyroid. This medication i was on for 2 and a half years, then I was taken off and have been med free since. I do however, have to get my thyroid checked every 2 or so years to make sure that it is still working properly. Hope this helps! Good luck!