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I got the initial results over the phone. I have been waiting for the results to be faxed over to me, now my thyroid is flaged High at TSH 4.870 range 0.270-4.200 and Free T-4 1.26 range 0.93-1.70. They didn't bother telling me that there was something H. I have been on Synthroid for 2 yrs and we still haven't found a dose that's can maintain my numbers. I started to feel bad again the other week but knew it couldn't be my blood or shouldn't be the cause. Now I know why, it must be the thyroid. And sleeping is my new best friend.

Christine--Thanks for the reply. I am in the clouds, sooo excited. The rise in the Ferritin didn't come until the anemia was resolved for me. It has to be all that 300mgs of iron daily. I feel like I'm on a vacation not taking 2 iron a day.

Can you or anyone comment any on the thyroid numbers? All I know is that the TSH should be under 3. I have been fine on .050 synthroid with 2's and 3's. I think that is what Hashi's does, goes up and down whenever it feels like it. I keep hearing on this board that it should be closer to 1. I have never been there. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I'm afraid I'm not much help on the thyroid. Because I don't have a thyroid, my TSH is very easy to maintain and we keep my TSH at around .6 to 1.0 and I've been stable like that for YEARS.

The problem with Hashi's is that some days/weeks your own thyroid gland is going to work and so the dose of Synthroid you are on might be fine as long as your own gland is putting out hormone. But, as you know, there will be times where you gland is going to go on strike and then all you have to rely on is the Synthroid. At those times your normal dose of Synthroid won't be enough. It's a real roller coaster. Obviously if you take more Synthroid you might be fine for awhile but then when your thyroid kicks back into gear you are going to get hyper (which is NOT pleasant).

It almost seems better to just get rid of the gland when you are dealing with Hashimotos.
Christie67--I was taking Poly Iron 150 X2 daily getting 300mgs of iron daily. This was a script but you can ask for it at the pharmacy and get it yourself. It also has the Vitamin C already in it. This was given to me by a GI doc because I have GERD and the first iron Ferris Sulfate landed me in the hospital. In addition to the iron, I took a prenatal vitamin for several months and then changed to a regular one because I read that prenatal compromise the synthroid that I take.

My hair was shedding very badly when my ferritin stayed down for almost the whole yr. I started at a 2 ferritin, I think I forgot to post that in my Lab because 20 was my last count and I went with that figure. As my ferritin got to around 20 I started getting the flyaway hairs all over in the front and top of my head. Not too pretty but at least I have hair. I am lucky because I have lots of hair but fine and could afford to lose some, but it got scary for me. When it is humid out forget it I can't hide it anymore hair pops out everywhere. Thanks for your reply. Be well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Linds--Thanks for the reply and best wishes. When are you having your procedure? FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Christine--I really need to study this monster because I didn't realize that the thyroid was working differently as you said. I know I sound stupid. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about, so I didn't. Since I have been on this boad I have learned a little different and need an education. I don't think that I have ever been Hyper though, that would be scary. The palps with the anemia were enough to due me in. Thanks for the reply. FLFLOWERGIRL:)