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Good luck. I am taking DHA, EPA, DHEA, a super B complex, Fish Oil, active multivitamin for thyroid health, uh.. what am I forgetting, Calcium, Magnesium, primrose oil... I think that is it for the supplements. I take them a full 12 hours after taking my synthroid. This way I know it can not interfere with my synthroid absorption. Haven't noticed a big deal from the DHA, DHEA, Primrose oil, and EPA. These are supposed to help my female issues and mood swings. Still volatile must be the red head in me or hypoT. :) Fish Oil gives me fishy reflux burps. The vitamin, B complex, and magnesium have really helped my migraines. I was deficient in B12. The multivitamin helped balance my selenium and iron concentrations. I had low ferritin as well. Go figure, seems standard amongst those about here.