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I've been a Type I diabetic for 24 years. Healthy with little complications. I have periodontal disease and have lost some bone in my teeth, but you wouldn't know by looking at me. I've recently been put on Crestor for slightly high cholesterol and I have Hashmoto's, which I take Synthroid for. I've had pain and lump in my breasts, which has been diagnosed as fibroidadenoma.

Recently, I've noticed a lumpy pain in my left neck area. I had a CT scan and it was found that I have stones on my parotid gland. When I looked it up it says diabetics are susceptible to this. As long as I know what it is, I can live with this. However, I've had chest/breast pain radiating to my upper back and shoulders, a pain in my left shoulder radiating to my back (feels like a mesquite thorn, if you can imagine what that would feel like) and pain under my left rib cage/breast area. I can actually feel a "bony swelling" under my left rib cage. I also feel gurgling/fluttering in this area from time to time. This is all intermittent.

I have had a chest x-ray and a nuclear stress test, and all turned out excellent. Now I am wearing a heart monitor to make sure it isn't my heart. My blood was checked and the count was normal. I go back to an Internal Medicince doctor on Monday to show her the rib cage area. I am healthy for the most part. My A1Cs are usually 6.1 and are checked every 3 months. I'm thin, I've always been an excerciser and have lifted weights for years. It doesn't feel like a pulled muscle.

In my research online, I wondered if I had Costochondritis. I've never had an injury, no surgeries (except for teeth area for periodontal disease). Is this Costochondritis, Fibroidadenoma and stones on my periodontal gland all related? What else could or might be wrong with me (besides that I worry too much?) Thanks!