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WOW! I am so glad to hear you've gotten some answers and have a doctor you like. I've heard about the combined issues you have. I think there's a name for it. It makes sense these things would occur together.

Lucky you with weight loss AND more energy! Awesome!

I'm sorry about all your stress with your dad and the twins and work. It seems it's always something, huh?

My TT was a little more than a year ago. I've healed well. I'm still working on getting the meds properly adjusted. Right now, I'm at 137mcg Synthroid @ 6 days per week. I'm hoping this is the right one!

We're still struggling with our twins' challenges - mostly their OCD. My older son just left for college in Colorado. It's a difficult adjustment having him so far away. Thank heaven for cell phones and computers!

I truly hope you keep feeling better! Keep me posted. I always love to hear from you!


I was on 175 mcg Synthroid and over time experienced all the hyperthyroid symptoms. I knew what it was and asked the doc to lower it. I went down to 150mcg and it was a little high still - same hyper symptoms, just not as bad. The worst symptoms were being constantly out of breath and insomnia. I went down to 137 but a week later the doc called and said my labs were too high and they put me down to 125mcg. The problem was that the labs they took were from when I was adjusting down from 175 to 150 and so I shouldn't have gotten bounced to 125 actually. They said to stick with it and see how I went. Then I was having the hypo symptoms again (I didn't want to get out of bed and couldn't think - I was useless). My labs showed I was low so this past December (07) I started back at 137. I feel like I'm at a better dose now.

Sheesh - long story!

I'm sorry your last year was so rough. It sounds awful and I am SO happy things are looking up for you! Dating!?! Go you!!! I bet getting your insulin under control made a world of difference for you.

Happy Birthday to your twins - and for you for giving birth to them!!!

My 2006 was the worst year of my life - the thyroid problems were a big part of that. And that's when my son's OCD got so bad. They're doing pretty well, weekly therapy sessions + my son has a friends' club for kids with Asperger's. My older son (the one at college) is being pursued relentlessly by a religious group (read "cult"). That's my biggest worry right now. He fell in love with a girl who's in it...

Anyway, I'm so proud of you and happy for you for hanging in with all the stress and pressure and feeling bad. You're awesome!

I hope this year brings you only the best of everything!