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AudreyB--No way am I game. I was ill for a couple of days. Don't know if the Lysine reacted with my Synthroid, thyroid or just me? It reminded me of when I was really ill and I had a little panic over it.

I did research and read that if you are taking Lysine it may raise your cholesterol levels and should consult a doc before beginning. My levels are borderline due to thyroid/ Hashi's. So it wouldn't be a good thing for me anyway. I thought that was interesting because a lot of people here have thyroid conditions too. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but I did read it.

I get tired of feeling like I'm the only one that reacts to things all the time. Thanks for the story about your mom. Thank goodness that Synthroid and Nexium don't bother me. Take care. FLFLOWERGIRL:)