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ok just need to vent. i was sent to a specialist for hypothyroid, (came back low in a blood test) and have a blue discharge comming out of my breast. well, the specialist focused on the discharge. squeazed and pulled my boobs in a way i never thought possible, HURT really bad. he finally got some discharge out and pulled my nipple up towards my face and said 'is this what it looks like' (i dont have big boobs so imagine how much he had to stretch them), he wanted another sample and i said i'll do it, and got it out very simply. boobs hurt for a week after. also asked me about my childhood and pryed WAY to much.

went to that same specialist after two weeks to get my thyroid levels. says they are normal, got an ultrasound on my neck--came back normal...so he says to me come back in a month and we'll check thyroid again. i said 'no'. he and i went back and forth about this and i said if there is nothing wrong i see no reason to come back----he says ill schedule you for four months then, and you can cancel if you feel better. then walks to the door turns around and says 'i'm going to give you synthroid to see if it helps the symptoms and bumps you up, see you in a month'.....ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

two other things this 'specialist' told me:
1. i asked 'why is my sodium so high'--dr. response 'drink water before bloodtest next time'
2. i asked 'why is the left side of my neck muscle enlarged so much' (they noticed it in an ultrasound to my thyroid) his response was 'its nothing'

went to a obgyn for a 2nd papsmear (my regular dr. did my first one and suggested i go to a obgyn to see what i can do for my very heavy periods, that are making me VERY anemic). WELL.....my first one by my regular dr. came back normal with a little inflamation (washing with soap), and i have cysts on my ovaries, nothing irregular in fact i have a beautiful looking uterus. well the obgyn did another pap, and next i hear her say to the nurse 'get the blah blah blah, we're gonna do a endo..????? biopsy'.
'WHAT!?!?!? is it gonna hurt'.----'yes, but we have to do it to put you on birthcontrol'...me scared sh*tless, thinking knives and needles don't belong down there. i dont know what they did but it hurt sooooooo bad and i was sore for a week down there and in my lower lower abs. then she tells me as im walking out, 'if you dont hear from us in two weeks give us a call.'

my friend is a head nurse at a local hospital and said the obgyn should have given me an explanation of what she was going to do, i should have had to consent and sign a paper. none of that happened.

i am so fed up with feeling the way i do and going back to the drs. for one to tell me i have hypo, another says i dont, 'but come back'--here i'll even give you meds............wtf?????? one thing we all agree on i that my iron is extreamly low.

just venting, anyone else feeling the way i do when they go to the drs...like they aren't getting anywhere and feel even more pain?