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Enigmatics, How are you making out? Have you browsed any of the lupus hardcovers? Two in particular cover the gamut of things seen in lupus, in APS, and in what I think of as the "close cousins". Look for Dr. Daniel Wallace &/or Dr. Robert Lahita, available in most libraries & bookstores.

A couple of your problems felt familiar to me. I had a TON of GI problems starting in my mid-20's that lasted over 20 years (bah!). Strawlike hair that broke off at the hairline. Monster headaches. Dry eyes. Urinary problems. Nonscarring targetlike rashes on upper arms & torso. Joint & long bone pain (from early teenage years, actually). Anemia. Fatigue. Etc. I was finally Dx'ed with SCLE, which is viewed by many as a "subset" of SLE. Many people with it test positive for anti-Ro (I did), but only roughly 70% have a positive ANA (I was ANA-negative). Problems in SCLE *can* extend across the whole range of things seen in SLE---*but* odds for some of the worst things are thought to be different than in SLE. Rashes are typically (not always) one of two unique types, in lieu of the more familiar facial "butterfly" seen in SLE.

My sister had different problems: elevated BP & cholesterol, temp fluctuations, breathing difficulties, weight gain (a lot of it water), etc. She was Dx'ed as hypothyroid & now takes Synthroid.

I'm only a patient (obviously), but it makes sense to me that you pursue help in at least two disciplines: rheumatology & endocrinology. Did any of your tests come back yet? Did you ask for copies for your personal files? I hope you post again when you can, OK? Bye for now, with best wishes, Vee

P.S. Sjogren's Syndrome is also covered in those books. Dry eyes are one hallmark of Sjogren's---but I bet many other things could also cause them...