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Briefly: My daughter, 25 yeras old. Could never get a doctor to link all symptoms. These are some of the main issues:
Early: dark circles under eyes. Frequent ear infections. Prophylactic antibiotics for 6 months at age 3.
6 to 10 years frequent pin worms, vaginal pain, auditory feedback (don't know what to call it).
Teens to current - infrequent to no menses without hormones (birth control)
Deterioration of thyroid function - currently taking 75 mic synthroid.
Periodic aches and low grade fever.

Despite all of this she is a fun, affectionate successful professional young lady. I just know that these things add up to something and I'm afraid that we are losing our best option for treating "it".
Over the years various doctors have made claims about what individual symptoms relate to but each has subsided and we were calmed into thinking it was just an aberration.
Can anyone help??