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Lori-It was so helpful to get your message this a.m. Within the hour I am on my way to the cat scan of my neck. I was told they will inject dye and then I will need to wait awhile and then they will do the scan. Then Friday the FNA. Reading your message was enlightening in a way, now I understand a little better how you got by with the 7 day script.You are really fortunate that your doc found the inflammation in your neck area. You were truly in a whirlwind -diagnosis to surgery in a week , and with three little boys you had to just keep moving and make sure that you were "all there" for your children. I am so glad for you and your family that you are now doing so well. Also, I was pretty surprised that your thyroid dose has not had to be tinkered with and that you feel ok. Hashi's has not been at all like that for me , over the past few years. It is more fits and starts -those antibodies seem to like to make trouble . Did your ferritin drop after the thyroid was removed and it had been fine before? My cbc seemed to look so much better before I started synthroid even though my tsh was out of range .Thanks again for sharing.