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Yes. Did you try a T4 only supplement before the Armour? Or did the old MD just go straight for the Armour? You may have an imbalance in your FT3 and Ft4 levels. If FT3 is higher significantly than the FT4.. well then you can have the hyper feelings physically while stil being hypoT. I find it hard that you are hyperT given the TSH level and the amount of Armour you were taking. Other than actually feeling flushed or warm.. are you having heart issues, diarhea.. or any of the other more severe hyperT symptoms? If not.. I would love to feel warm for more than a few hours a day. I wear jackets indoors, while my son and husband and co-workers where short sleeves. It is hard to explain that being hypoT you can not regulate your own body temp.

Are you planning to have children? If so look at this post, print it out and hold on to it for reference. I took notes when grilling my MFM and posted the info for others here.

Here is a bit of my story for reference. I have been doing the try and sort out my issues walk for the last five years now and finally got the myths and answers from one of the best in the field of maternal and fetal medicine in my area this year. It took four years to talk my third General Care physician (an IM) into testing me for the thyroid AI's given my family history. When I was finally proven right with a nice set of thyroid antibodies raging.. the MD told me there was nothing he could do. My TSH was normal, just live with the increased chance of birth defects and miscarriage. WHAT!?! Not my style.. I brow beat him into a physicians referral to an ENDO.. who put me off as well.. darn my normal TSH.. symptoms ment nothing. Well I went the treat every symptom by the specialists route: Cardiologist, Neurologist, Allergist, ENT, Dermatologist, Sleep specialist Pulmonolgist, Nuero-Opthamalogist.. the list goes on. Any who.. the answers came back the same autonomic/autoimmune in nature. They gave me supplements and meds to help, and all sent a letter to the Endo telling her treat the thyroid these symptoms are autoimmune in nature. Well she ignored them and I found an IM off the Armour physician locator site who did and is treating me. Since January she found my nodule, got an ultrasound of it.. sent me to my ENT for consult.. has ramped my meds every four weeks and is now working with my MFM to track down why my T3 levels are 40% higher than my T4 levels. On the first day of meds.. my heart issues disappeared and my blood pressure dropped, my migraines have also become less frequent and less intense. Overall I am finally content that things are rolling and I am getting competent care. Do not be afraid to second guess and get second opinions. All here can not stress enough to find the MD that is the ONE for you. They have to listen, take in the whole picture and work with you to treat you. If your MD doesn't do this.. toss him and move on. Ask about for a good one in your area. And check the Armour physician locator website. They do not manditorily prescribe Armour... I am on synthroid. But they tend to be more open minded and willing to go that route if warrented.

I hope this helps and does not offend you. I am not an MD.. just an experienced suffer with my mom and her four sisters suffering for the past 20 years behind me as well. Thyroids require careful and delicate treatment and monitoring. You can not toss pills at it and call it done. You need to test the blood and look at levels and take into symptoms as well.

The only thing I ever took before the Armour was synthroid. I do have a rapid heart beat every now and again. No I don't usually have diarrhea, I'm usually on the constipated side so I drink about 6 to 8 9 oz bottles of water every day, and having just suffered from diviticultis (Ouch) am slowly adding fiber to my diet again. Actually I've been high fiber for a long time, and I exercise every day but somehow I wasn't hydrated enough. I've already had my children, but did suffer from fertility problems and had one miscarriage. Looking back now I'm beginning to think I had thyroid for longer than I knew. I orginally was on synthroid about 8 years and my brother who is a nutritionist in California ( I live in NY) told me that synthroid blocks your body from absorbin calcium so I then switched to Armour per his advise. I printed out the equivilant doses for my internest and he switched the prescription for me. I have been on Armour for a few years now and for about one year now my blood pressure which was always low (110/76) is now on the high side and I'm taking blood pressure medication (co-reg 20 mg. once a day). The reason I had the special thyroid test taken is because I went for an eye checkup and the eye doctor noticed something wrong with my eyelid (one drooping and the other to high) and recommended the special test because he thought it would be thyroid related I put the results up on this board and you have been helping me ever since. He gave me drops and the drooping one is fine now (very dry eyes) and he thought the left eye looked a little to open if you know what I mean. I'll see the eye doc in April again, he hasn't seen the blood test results yet as I went to my internist for the blood test. My internist is the doc who read the results and said my thyroid was fine. I'm hoping Dr. Mendizabal, listed in NY's best docs (thyroid specialist who I'm going to today) can get me back to normal without these night sweats and get my blood pressure back down. I sympathize with you being cold all the time, I can't stand feeling warm all the time....at work all the girls have heaters under their desks and I have a fan. I thought it was hot flashes and sometimes that's true, but hot flashes don't last for 1 1/2 hours during the night. I'm only 57 and still work full time, I always thought I was pretty healthy and now it seems I'm falling apart. (Okay I'll stop having a pity party for myself) When I go to the doctor today I'll tell him to check my FT's and is there anything else I should tell/ask him? I hope you realize what a great comfort and help you've been for me. I really appreciate your contact. Thanks.
Well if you were never tested for Hashimoto's you should toss that in as well. This will not change the treatment method for you. But it will change how your children need to look at their own thyroid health. Especially ifyou have any girls. AI thyroid disorders have an 80% genetic dominance passage to females. So if you have Hashi's.. any daughter you have may have it as well and should look out for it and catch it as early as possible. The should be especially watchful when they reach the stage of wanting to have children and get a full thyroid work up before trying to get pregnant.

The antibody tests are TPOAb and TGAb.
So you should get the Ft3, Ft4, TPOAb and TGAb.

When you have to replace your thyroid hormones.. getting optimal is a constant follow up procedure. As you age and change.. so does the thyroid hormone need. It is possible that you when hyperT.. or got you T3 levels above that 80%.. but still in the normal range and thus had the hot flushed feelings.

From the constipation and hypoT symptoms with the side order of hyperT symptoms... I really expect to see a FT3/FT4 imbalance. Synthroid doesn't leach calcium from your bones.. but 2 ot of 3 people need T3 supplementation to keep their levels balanced. Many MDs in the last 40 years only prescribed a T4 supplement.. saying T3 was evil.. and many suffer needlessly as a result. However what is essential for good bone health is optimal thyroid treatment.. by a T4 supplement or a T4/T3 combination if warrented.

I have 40% more T3 than T4. Armour would drive me hyperT so fast because of the T3 so I am on a T4 only. However my MD does prescribe Armour when it is warrented. Once again optimal is in the 50-80% range of normal for FT3 and FT4. Where your FT4 level is with in 10% of you FT3 level. If there is an imbalance you should first look to your adrenal funciton and pituitary function. This is the most common cause in thyroid sufferers for an imbalance. If you convert T4 to T3 adequately a T4 supplement may be all you need. If you over convert your T4 to T3.. well you can not tolerate T3 supplementation. If however you are an underconverter of T4 to T3... or convert T4 to the inactive reverse T3.. which 2 out of 3 dysfunctional hypoT's do.. you need T3 supplementation.

It is a common misconception that synthroid or T4 only supplements leach calcium. The known fact in the MDs well versed in bone health is that there is an association between excessive thyroid hormone and osteoporosis. Thus TOO much T4 or T3 in your system will cause calcium leaching. So improperly medicated hypoT by T4 or a T4/T3 combination results in calcium issues. With T4 only regimes and MDs not willing too look at T3 concentrations. Many MDs pushed more and more T4 on the patient.. and if there were conversion issues. The T3 would get high and T4 would be normal. SO swaping to Armour may or may not have been a good idea depending on your T4/T3 levels. So for clarity the facts we know are..

Currently you are taking 120 mg of Armour..
And Your TSH is approximately 1
You have hypoT and hyperT symptoms...

So first plan of attack is to get you balanced and see where you are.

To do this you need your FT3, FT4, and T3 Uptake looked at. To determine why you went hypoT and for the sake of your children.. you should toss in TPOAb and TGAb.

Get a copies of the results and ranges sent to you and then we can determine your percentages and balance and whether further testing is warrented.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.