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I'm at 1+ month on Testim (50 mg) and haven't noticed the negative physical changes that are often referred (to). As Bengie and others have indicated, I would think that the positives far outweight the negatives (at least thus far;)). I'm much better with the fatigue, anxiety, panic, ED, etc. at this point.

One thing that comes to mind (for cowardly me, at least), is the HCG/T-Cyp approach involves needles OFTEN. I know many of you have discussed this but it would seem a huge advantage to rub gel instead of shots, especially if the gel will work for you. From what I've read, the gels do an effective job at raising levels to normal IN MOST MEN. I realize there are those (such as Hayfarmer) who could not achieve normal/adequate levels on gel but I certainly think it's worth a try. As JustDave indicates, I would imagine there are many (or most) gel users who do well with it without these adverse side effects. Plus, there are a great deal of studies involviing the gels too so one can't really say it's experimental.

Kevin, as to the sleep issue, did your doctor test your thyroid? Ofen, sleep issues are related to thyroid (was for me). Once I started synthroid, I was able to rest. Actually, seems like I rest better now with the Testim. Good luck.