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Many answers finally! Went in for my follow up to my elevated liver enzymes. I was so impressed with the doctor, I have always maintained that although we did not have a good experience the first time, I can tell that he is definitely a well versed doctor. He is also the one that DX'd my DH with HH after another doc told us he had Hep C!

Christine, he said that I can try to get out of it all I want too, but I am married to iron supplements. :( I told him that after a year my Ferritin is now 43 and he said that is ridiculous. He said that just shows how iron depleted that I was. Also the reason that I'm only a 43 is because I am having malabsorption due to the PPI that I am on. I was reassured that it is not the iron. Although my cholesterol is borderline, he said that it is good and responding to my synthroid therapy. But he thinks that I may have a fatty liver and this happens before the diabetes stage. All of this stems from me being hypothyroid most likely. I'm having an US done on Friday to see if it is a fatty liver and he said I can then read about it on the Internet LOL. :D My numbers are not anything to worry about and the fact that I follow them he said is a good thing. Very positive and informative meeting.

Next--doctors have had me on PPI's for my reflux and all along I tell them my problem isn't really refulx as much as floating up when I lay down at night. He then tells me that PPI's don't really fix that problem. I'm doing a trial dose of a new med if that doesn't work there is another with lots of side effects which I won't try unless I have to. The next step is SX that only lasts for 2-5years. So I've been on a medicine for 8 years now that had not been working much for me. He is just so on target it's not funny. I feel so much better about everything. Oh and he said that Nexium can make the liver enzymes go up but that happens in the beginning stages not 8 years later.

I can't wait to see what the Ultrasound results come out to be. Everything makes sense and begins to add up when you look at the whole picture.
Flowergirl-I don't know if this will help you at all , but last year I had elevated liver enzymes shortly after I had gone hyperthyroid ( my then endo had advanced my dose too quickly). The new endo seeing the ast and alt said it was the going hyper . I wonder if this has any relevance to your situation. You are hypothyroid right? Have you had your levels checked recently or your dose changed?? On my next test about 6 wks. later,after lowering my synthroid, I was back to normal both tsh and liver enzymes.
Did your doc say high doses of iron supplements will harm the liver? At that same time when I had the elevated liver enzymes , I was taking one 325mg ferrous sulfate.When my pcp looked at the lab results which showed the ast/alt elevated he also saw that my ferritin had improved and told me to stop the large dose and just go to 18mg daily . So, now I am wondering was it the hyperthyroid OR the hi dose iron OR both that caused the liver enzymes to elevate???
Has anyone heard that high dosing of iron will hurt the liver?
I hope you get this figured out. Let us know. Best wishes.