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[QUOTE=TJANE;3560163]I am going on some sort of diet next week with my husband. I have to be careful because I am still Vit. D deficient, so I don't want to mess that up anymore.

When I was DX'ed with Hashi's my Total Cholesterol was 241 after Synthroid it is now 188 with the high range 199, so I am within range and I want it lower, the benefits are obvious. I have added oatmeal to my morning instead of regular cereal just like the commercials:D. I have no idea to this point what my readings are but my BP has gone back to the optimal range, so I think that this is the reason. It makes sense to me. Thought that you might want to try it. Just cut out the fatty things without changing your diet too much and see what your next results are at the next recheck. Could it be thyroid related as mine was? FLFLOWERGIRL:)