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HI everyone. I was able to talk my endo into seeing me today to get the results of my FNA (which I already knew, but couldn't tell her since I was pretty sneaky in hunting the report down)...

At any rate, as many of you know, the FNA of my nodule (1.7cm) came back as unsatisfactory, "mostly blood". My thyroid is also enlarged, and my doc started me on 75mcg Synthroid about 3-4 weeks ago.

My docs plan of action is to significantly suppress my thyroid (close to a 0) and then after that has been accomplished, re-ultrasound 6 months AFTER suppression has been achieved.

She feels that a second FNA at this point is not called for. And won't even re-ultrasound until a full 6 months of suppression has been achieved.

Does this sound right? By my calculations my next ultrasound could be close to a YEAR from now! That in turn means my nodule won't be checked until that time... :confused::confused::confused:

EVERYTHING that I have read says to re-biopsy an "unsatisfactory" FNA result at least 1 time. I am not comfortable with her plan of action. What should I do? Demand another FNA, or leave it be???
My first FNA came back with too much blood and not enough cells to make diagnosis. The endo I was seen then said to have it done again. I went to a different hospital and all 8 sticks were viable. Endo did not want to treat an enlarged thyroid with nodules but to the come back in 6 months attitude. Needless to say, I am now seeing another Endo who listened to my hypo symptoms and has been treating me with synthroid. It is a tough call-most nodules are benign, but when it's your thyroid it is hard not to want to find out right away. If you are not comfrotable with her coarse of treatment, get a second opinion. I would want at least another US withing 6 months. Good luck and hope yur feel great soon!
Thanks everyone for your input. It does help to hear others experiences...

Reece- Yes, my last labs WITHOUT meds showed a TSH of 2.6. That was just about 1-2 months ago. So yes, the 75mcg is working at suppressing the 2.6 down to a zero.

I thought alot about it, and decided to just be patient.

So, we'll see how my labs look on May 6th... Hopefully, I'll be suppressed by that time... I can then get another ultrasound AFTER 6 months of full suppression. We'll see how the nodule looks at that time (probably at least 7-8 months from now)...

Unfortunately, I am getting kind of sick (head ache, slight nausea, and my head is "buzzing"; feels full). I am hoping that I am catching a head cold or a sinus infection - and that it's not the Synthroid...