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i have noticed a huge difference in the synthroid meds and found i could not take generic syn thyroid at all. Had to fight insurance company and ended up finding stores that sell the brand name cheaper. But i also have had allergic reactions to certain meds lately. More so then before.
My latest severe reaction was Watson which was doctor document as well. Part of the issue which may or may not have been stated ANYWHERE is folks do not go in when they have a severe reaction and get it documented. Or they go in and the doc is TOO busy to document it and send it in. This last bad reaction ( last week) i not only had the doctor fill out the bad reaction report right in front of me, but the pharmacists became aware of the severe allergic reaction too.
So there is a food chain , that is suppose to be followed. I am beginning to wonder after your research is part of the problem is folks reporting it and doctors/pharmacies not following through with reporting it to FDA because of revenue /gifts given to docs from various drug companies?