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Word of caution - I started this thread yesterday and last night my system seemed to go into overdrive with heart palps and feeling faint....not sure, but it looks like the licorice root may have interacted with my celexa, or quite possibly with my synthroid dose. It was a rough night and my system finally settled down around 2 a.m. this morning and i got about 4 hours sleep after that. So back to the drawing board. The licorice root bottle says to take up to 3 tabs with each meal and i had increased it up to 2 with each meal the last 2 days so it could be i just need to decrease it a bit. Other than the overdrive feeling yesterday evening and during the night, I sure appreciated having the energy yesterday to go for a decent walk and get things done around the apartment which I haven't had for a couple of weeks so i hate to give up on it completely. Sure is a balancing act. (When your doctor can't help you and thinks it's all in your head and humours you, you're left with trying a variety of things in a desperate search for improved health. This is my plight.)

Just wanted to update you all on the licorice root.