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Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last posted.

I had a visit with my Endo yesterday to review current bloodwork. Well, after being on 75mcg of Synthrouid for 2 1/4 months my FT4 didn't budge. And my TSH only came down a bit. My FT4 stayed exactly the same!!! It is at 1.0 (range .8-1.8). My TSH is 1.86.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I am concerned that my TSH still isn't suppressed. I have an enlarged thyroid (quite large actually; but you can't see it because it is growing lengthwise). I also have a 1.7cm nodule. I want to get my TSH suppressed, because my doctor won't even do another sonogram until it has been suppressed for a full 6 months... My FNA a few months ago was non-diagnostic (blood only) and she won't do further evaluation of the nodule until suppression...

She upped my Synthroid to 125mcg. I asked her if we could just go a bit higher, since I had literally no results on the 75mcg. She said given she was afraid to do that...

I don't want to have to wait up to 10-12 months for another sonogram of my nodule!!! What should I do???