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I posted yesterday regarding my inflammatory issues. I received some results back today and the doc is sending me to a rheumatologist and a cardiologist. In the meantime, any thoughts or ideas?

Thyroid tests were normal (I'm on synthroid)
Platelet count was high (has been for about a year now)
The doc told me my sed rate should be 5 for my age (42), but it's at 46!

He said I obviously have an over-active immune system, but does not know what auto immune disease I have. Story of my life, this has been going on for 25 years.

Any ideas on what would cause inflammation in the chest, neck, shoulder, collarbone area? It's not costochondritis as it does not hurt when pressed. A heating pad and 800 mg Motrin helps somewhat. I have also had the chills and have been feeling pretty crappy since this started about 12 days ago.

Another update: Received another result: My C-Reactive Protein was slightly elevated.