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Christine-Don't be too bummed out.:) There are also lab margins of error to contend with. I know at the thyroid board , I think it is MKG has indicated for various tests ea. have their margin of error. So a reading may be off by some % from actual .What I am getting at is that either your earlier ferritin, your later ferritin or both may be slightly off.In any event you can work on the ferritin, right?Although, if you accept the results as given you would have had nearly a 20% decrease from Jan to May. Did you dr. have any theory about the ferritin level?
Do you know why you went a bit hyper? Did you start /stop something? Did you reduce the iron that you were previously taking? Because iron dosing really messed up my tsh levels. When I started supplementing with iron, my tsh went up and my synthroid was increased from 75 to 100. My previous endo should not have increased it soo much. I went hyper, dose then decreased, then decreased again after stopping such a high dose.But since all that, I cannot get my tsh stable again , I bounce around up to 6 down to 0.48. I hate it. Maybe it had nothing to do with the iron, and then going hyper, but the last 12 months I can't get stable.
Anyway, I am wondering about your going hyper whether you had your synthroid dose calibrated to higher iron intake and you lowered your intake and did not change you thyroid meds? Or was there another supp or med you changed recently?
The holter results sound scary but I really don't know about PVC's.What are PVC's? With the treadmill test you will learn more. I am hoping that all goes very well for you and that it was the hyper. But, if PVC's are serious, it would be frightening that going hyper could do that!
I am working on my anxiety/stress, that is why my doc thinks she cannot stabilize my hashimoto's. But my antibodies are extremely high, so alot of thyroid destruction is happening and that can cause anxiety because as tissue is destroyed t4 is released-confirmed this with MKG today. She is a wonder at the thyroid board. Anyway, I am on xanax as needed .25 mg. But with all my stuff that is going on endo wants the stress better controlled. I like the xanax because it is as needed-but I have seen alot of warnings about addition potential. I seem to remember that you took xanax as needed too. I imagine you are feeling a wee bit stressed now with all this going on . Are you still just doing the xanax as needed or on something else more regular. I am wondering if my pcp is going to continue me on xanax as needed or change meds because the endo has communicated with her.Do you have any thoughts about what I would need for anxiety if they think I need something daily?