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congrats reece when you say supress the thyroid what does that mean do we stay hypo or hyper now. been hypo for so many years dont know much about this cancer stuff. feeling better but i tell you i felt like a million bucks on 25 cytomel then the 50 synthroid im gonna see how it goes if this now 5 cytomel and 50 synthroid dont seem to be cutting it im calling i dont have the time to be taken naps everyday and my eyes killing me remember i have 2 teenagers very busy with sports and i love being outside in the summer gardening and walking and riding ....well as i typing to you the dr office called so i just asked about the meds who knows maybe they will change it alittle. cant wait to see all my results in july. i feel good so i think it will be good gotta stay positive..

Sheri, Sue, With my TSH suppressed, and my free t4 high (I only tested this once in the beginning, now just the tsh), I definitely am on the hyper side, but I have no symptoms---the only thing I notice is that my hands can tremble, especially if I have caffeine, or if I'm nervous (ie, driving in a snowstorm), but otherwise, I'm feeling normal.

It took a while to adjust to living on synthroid (I took cytomel in the beginning too, but that gave me some hyper symptoms after a while)---and it was gradual, and then one day I realized, wow---I feel just fine.

Rosequartz, Oleander, good to hear from more cyber friends, and thanks for the kind wishes,
and Curious, you are going to be okay, and I think that's why I stick around, so that people that find a nodule and read the really scary stuff on the internet realize, that they are going to be alright.
Reece-congratulations on your good news!!! You have been through alot no doubt. The ups and downs. It takes alot of courage .
And, I would like to join the others in thanking you for all your helpful advice about "those nodules". I have 7 of my own and was hoping that along with a hashi's reactive lymph node and fluctuating levels would get me a TT. No such luck. It seems like they want me to go through this longer.
I too have a question about suppression therapy. Of course there is no definite that any of the nodules will become cancerous , but if it did and then I had a TT --then I would have to go on suppression therapy wouldn't I? Now this would be the worst thing in the world for me because I have very severe osteoporosis and I believe being suppressed , borderline hyper could lead to bone loss. Am I right in this line of thinking? Please let me know if I am wrong.
I wasn't clear from what you wrote-are you still on the cytomel as well as the synthroid? Or did you stop taking the cytomel when it made you feel hyper?
Again, I am so glad that you have received good news and thank you for your advice here!
Osteo---my friend is about 50, and she had thyroid cancer, and her tsh is not kept as low/suppressed as mine is, for that reason.

I never discussed with my endo. the bone loss issue, I figure I will do that next year, as my cancer did have vascular invasion and my focus has been on making sure it has been eradicated. I'm sure I could tweak down in dosage down a bit if it were an issue----I should also start taking vitamin d/calcium to prevent that.

I was on cytomel earlier on, stopped it when I started getting hyper symptoms, and then found I didn't really need it anymore, I just take synthroid now.

I don't think you'd need suppression with the tt unless you definitely had the cancer...which I doubt---you more likely don't than do!

good luck with your watching........