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Hi and welcome to the boards Oliver143! I hope you find them as helpful as a number of us having, including me!

In 1998 I went for a yearly check up and my doctor found a nodule on my thyroid and I went through the whole process. FNA results were inconclusive. I had already had Lymphoma in 87 and Leukemia in 89 so history didn't help the whole situation. As a result, I had a left lobectomy. The tumor came back benign but I was still placed on Synthroid. I was in the hospital close to a week but that was 10 years ago and I had other health issues that complicated the situation. My scar is about 3 inches and people don't even notice it. My family members that know I have it can't even see it when they are looking for it a lot of the time because I wear T-shirts and the neck of the shirt covers the scar and it blends in anyway.

Personally, if I was in your shoes with knowing that there are questionable cells in the FNA I would ask the surgeon to remove the entire thyroid the first time. The only reason that the doctor gave me for not removing the entire thing was because damage to the parathyroid is less likely with a lobectomy than with a total thyroidectomy but it sounds like doc has already warned that there's a posibility they will end up taking the whole thing out anyway. I say this because the only reason I was put on meds after surgery is because once you have had thyroid nodules they are more likely to come back and more likely to be malignant the second time so I was placed on Meds to keep my thyroid from function and keep that from happening. Well guess what; here I am ten years later and I have nodules on my thyroid again (ten was the last count) and two of them are very large and dominant which is sign of malignancy. I am currently a 3 time cancer survivor and if this is malignant that will make 4. I'm scheduled for my meet-n-greet July 3.

Make sure you ask the Doc any questions you have. Find out how many of these operations he/she has done and how many have had complications, if you have any pertinant allergies be sure to make them perfectly clear (latex, adheseive, medications, etc.), ask about how long you'll be in the hospital and see what they say.

The surgery is a breeze, especiallly compared to most and the more info. you drag out of the surgeon at your meet-n-greet and the more prepared you are the easier it will be!

Good luck! Hope everything goes well and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!!:)

P.S. Sorry the post is so long!