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Hi all,
I would love it if someone could provide educated feedback on my most recent lab results. I was diagnosed hypo with hashimotos about 6 years ago and took 100 mcg of synthroid, which was a steady increase from the original 50mcg. Anyway, I just got switched to armour (60mg daily) and am waiting to start feeling better. My problem is that my TSH level (I haven't paid much attention to the other numbers) always seems to go up every 6 months and I need a medication adjustment. I'm hoping it will level out with the armour and I'll feel better. I have all the classic symptoms. Anyway,wondering if these results look pretty good (except for the higher TSH which I try to keep under 2.0) or if you can tell what might be going on, i.e. what I should pay attention to and watch for or any additional tests I should have. My TSH has been up to 7 in the past so this doesn't seem that bad, but I feel pretty terrible...

TSH 3.52 ("normal" range at lab .40 - 4.50 ha ha)
Thyroxine -Free 0.9 (normal range 0.8 - 1.8)
T4 Total 6.1 (normal 4.5 - 12.5)
T3 Uptake 33.1 (normal 22 - 35

Those are all the tests I had done. I had the antibody test 5 years ago and not since then. Please let me know your thoughts as I'm realizing now that this condition requires us to be very self educated! I'm working on it.

- Katie