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Can you tell me what type of magnesium you are taking?

I've been taking low-dose iron for over a year now and am SLOWLY improving. Like you, my tachycardia is gone, but this past January, out of the blue, I've started with the extrasystoles. In fact, I have them every day, almost all day. I had 257 events on my 24 hour holter monitor. I did a stress echo, which thankfully was normal, but it did show them. They are harmless and I was given a clean bill of health. I did find that my TSH levels were a tad low (too much Synthroid) so I lowered my dose and that has helped just a TAD. But I've been wondering about the magnesium. I thought I might give it a try but don't know where to begin.

As for your iron results, your ferritin stores look great. I don't know if I'd ever totally stop the iron, but surely just backing off to a daily multi with iron might be good enough. Your hematocrit/hemoglobin aren't as high as I would expect but that might be your "normal" and that's okay. It's certainly not lack of iron keeping them in the lower ranges!