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I would love to help you with your question, but Im sorry, I dont know jack about meds right now!! lol! I have not even had my first set of Labs done and I am on 200mcg of synthroid and still dont feel well!! My advise to you, is provide as much information as possible. You just ask if 25mcg has made anyone feel better. But many people take this medication for different reasons. Some have graves, some have thyroid cancer. So you see, if you give them a little history or information about why you need to take it, it will help others have the information they need to help you! Just a bit of advise!:D
[QUOTE=SHARON1952;3605320]has 25 mg ever helped anyone feel better that is my first lot of medication but i still do not feel even slightly better if anything i feel worse

What dose are you on?:confused: Are you on 25mg which is 25 milligrams or are you on 25mcg which is 25 micrograms because that makes a big difference for anyone trying to answer your question. I am on synthroid and I take 75mcg. Which kept my levels in the normal range for almost 10 years.