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I was diagnosed in January 2007 with hypothyroidism. I started out taking .25mcg of Synthroid (I'm now up to .75 Synthroid and also started on Cytomel a few months ago). So far, my levels are now in the "normal" range; however, I've noticed one significant symptom and wanted to see if anyone else could relate.

Beginning about a year ago, I noticed that I was starting to sweat a lot more than normal. I had already been on Synthroid for about 3 months when I first noticed this. It is now to the point where I notice is much more frequently. I tend to just all of a sudden get a "hot flash" (note: I'm only 28, so not nearing menopause anytime soon) and then start to sweat (not so much hands/feet/underarms, but more on my face, torso and legs). I sweat when others are completely fine, both indoors and outdoors. It's definitely worse when I'm outside in the heat (which is common for Florida!), but even walking into work can cause me to break out in a sweat, as well as when I'm just doing random things, like grocery shopping or talking to someone.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know that increased sweating is a symptom of hyper, but has anyone with hypo noticed this as well?? Is there anything that can be done? I'm really not sure if it is just a symptom of having a thryoid disorder, or if it is due to the Synthroid. I did mention it briefly to my doc awhile ago, and he really didn't have much to say.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
[QUOTE=mattie75;3611316]Yes I do this also, but I swing from hyper to hypo and back again. Hashimotos. You probably have the same thing and with antibodies they can hit when you least expect it. They are always there, but the medication sort of keeps them contained most of the time.
Still when they are attacking it can spike you up hyper.
This is just an opinion that I have about it and have dealt with this for several years. Even when levels seem normal I still sometimes just sweat for no reason. Have you noticed that sometimes you get cold also?

Before I was diagnosed as hypo, I did have extremely cold hands and my skin would become very itchy if it was very cold out. My hands would sometimes be so cold at work that I'd have to put on gloves. However, since starting on the synthroid, I haven't noticed that happening as often. It is now the sweating thing that stresses me the most...