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i survived the nite...like i always do. but man that was a hard nite. i totally forgot how it felt to feel "sick"...like the flu. and now i wake up feeling still sick but another kind of sick. it's like i have a cold coming on. sniffles, throat aches, headache, i feel tired, my eyes hurt, shortness of breath. u know that congested feeling. and my throat is feeling tight. my husband checked on me this morning (which was sweet of him) and told me that i prolly just need rest. he didn't even wake me up to cook him breakfast. other nites when i go to bed at 2am, he still wakes me up to make him breakfast at 730. i guess he knows im not feeling well.

mg, u know ur prolly right. i could prolly have gotten a rush from the shrimp. i usually don't get a rush from shrimp...but who knows the mixture of coconut milk and shrimp must've done a number to me. and also there could've been msg in it. which usually makes me feel sick as well, when i eat alot of it. which i didn't eat alot of it, but just a mixture.

i'm going to take it slow today, i hope to feel better. i'm not one who usually likes to take meds..only my synthroid and iron i take religiously but other than that, i don't take anything else. i'll look for alternative remedies to help with this cold. thanks for the love!