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Thursday 7-24-08 Good morning,

My mother had her gland removed long before I was born, and probably my brother and some of our children have a problem.

I haven't found the threads again yet, but at this forum just maybe a month ago we discussed that the Range in some parts of the country has gone down steadily since 2000 to .027.
Anyone remember? Dr. Lowe and others write that the TSH test result just shows how much hormone is in the blood stream, I may have said already, doesn't show how well it's utilized.

I'm feeling almost too low for my heart to beat, not climbing the walls. This latest test result just isn't right. I've had lots of different doctors and labs, always am at .1.

Some doctors have admitted they only studied this about 10 min in med school, that "you just prescribe 1 gr of Synthroid.:
I compliment and greatly appreciate you on your having zero'd in on the frees, and can you tell from my report I admit is inadequate, how I was doing about that?

I've also got the low temperature, of course, that The Wilson Syndrome is all about, which temp itself isn't hurting anything, just another hypo symptom of many.

Back to the subject, can you tell from the only Frees info I've given? If that's not enough info, it's another indication the lab is not one of the best.

Remember, labs often don't keep up with the changes, assuming patients won't know, I guess. water. Some but not enough. I could offer to compromise by taking 1/4 a pill on Sunday instead of 1/2. When he was probably expecting to gradually reduce even more, meaning I can't really trust him to be up-to-date on anything after all.

Really would feel better if I knew a shortcut way to find doctors using up-to-date labs, who wouldn't think TSH is the law, and know nothing about frees, So I don't either.

Hope we never get a health care system where we can't choose our own doctors. And I've edited to shorten this a lot.

Thanks for your time. If I get another test someplace I can trust, I'll ask again about the Free's.