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Here is what I would do...

Call that endos office and talk to the person who schedules apointments. Tell her how you are feeling and ask her if she will call you if she has a cancellation. (Be very nice and sound a little pitiful).

She may say that she will. Or she may say that you have to call back often to inquire. Do that on a regular basis if you have to, you could even call every monring and ask them if they have any cancellations. (Squeaky wheel thing.)

In the mean time I would call the doctor you have already seen and get copies of all the lab test and studies they have already done on you. They have to give you copies of medical records that you ask for.

I would find out exactly what they have done and exactly what those test and labs show (so when you do see the doctor, you are armed with information & understand as much as possible about your condition, etc).

You could also call & tell the nurse at your regular doctors office how long you are having to wait and how tired you feel, etc. and see if they will go ahead and start you on some thyroid meds (like Synthroid).

Also, a couple of things you could do that might help....try to get enough iodine in your diet by making sure your table salt contins iodine. Take a multi vitamin that contains the mineral selenium. Both of those could help your thyroid function a little too.

Good luck.