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Thyroid. Ugh. For 26 years, I was given Cytomel for a supposed hypothyroid condition that actually was just a normal slowing of metabolism because of food restriction.

It kept me in a constant state of panic and fear, mood swings, just hellish. Only after all that time did I find a doctor who said "Cytomel? What are you doing on that?"
He got me regulated on Synthroid, and it made such a difference.

Are they starting you on thyroid meds NOW? YOu're right, many of the symptoms interepreted as "mental illness" can be thyroid or other medical conditions.

I can't believe you had to actually ask for blood tests. You really should consider another doctor, seriously, no matter how fond you are of your present one.

See a psychiatrist for sure, and, if you can, an endocrinologist. The thyroid is the master gland of the body, and if that's, all kinds of other organs and systems are affected.

I'd say first priority is to treat the thyroid, and when you're normal there, go for the psychiatric treatment. But I also think hooking up with a thyroid man and psychiatrist will cover you.

Sorry this is happening to you. Despite their best intentions, doctors often just don't diagnose right. Not bad people, just perhaps in orver their heads

I'm glad you're on your way now. Keep us posted!
hiya seaturtle (what does that mean just curious) i mean i know what a seaturtle is you just like them???

so anyway...i'm on my way out now to pick up synthroid actually is what they were calling into the phamacy last night..thats good huh??..wanted to check first real quick to see if you got my message...

yes to the pysch. july 9. then we'll take it from there!!! thanks for the caring!!!

love kel
Hooray!!!! It takes a few weeks for the Synthroid to kick in, but I'm sure you will feel soooo much better! I'm so happy for you!

Seaturtle - well, I love turtles, and Seaturtle just kind of came my way as a username. I love seaturtles and all kinds of turtles, but the seaturtles are so graceful.

Hoping you keep posting and let us know how the Synthroid affects you.
I can't wait to hear - I went through so much with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Keep on working on this!!!
dear seaturtle,

i'm so excited to see what i am going to feel like...i wonder how long i have had thyroid problems and never knew it...you know the scary thing is ,

that i wouldn't have known it right now if my best friend hadn't BEGGED ME to ask him to do labs last week...and i really didn't even think they would show

plus...i think he (dr) thought i was kind of crazy for asking...my periods have also been off ( not normal for me) and i wanted him to check hormone levels..i'm only 40 but you could start menopause early...dangit i just needed help

so ....here we are...took my first synthroid yesterday..i know your not dr. but did it help you depression and anxiety at all??? or what did it actually help??

love talking to you..you have been a ton of support!!! much love ......kel
hiya seaturtle,
i wonder why at almost exactly the same time every night i am awake?? its 3:19 am...the other night it was 3:18...one would think i set my alarm clock just to get up and talk to you all...(not that i don't like and appreciate you) but i'm not getting at 3:00 am unless is unexplained..

so here i am...lets see your question....my synthroid id 50 mcg daily. had it two days....3 in a few hrs.

i'm still mood swinging pretty badly and can't wait to meet with the psych. july 9....maybe i have 2 problems...(no not me?????) haha

my husband and black lab are in there snoring....one big dog...ok 2 (that was mean) in the middle of the bed....hope i fit...which brings up another point...wonder if i'll lose any weight?? i weight 175 now and am 5'5" sure would love to drop 10-15 pounds...i've lost 12 since this whole thing...

thats at the bottom of my list though believe me....

talk to you soon...much love kel
hello, hello, my seaturtle friend,

5:19 am...thats the longest i've slept in forever!!
sorry i just reread you ask how much synthroid i'm on...50mcg...does that sound about where you were?

so i have been on synthroid 6 days...don't know if i notice much change yet...my husband made me mad last night (go figure) he said i was slurring my words and acted drunk....well...for one thing...you don't tell a recovering alcoholic that...it hurt my feelings....would synthroid cause that for any reason...maybe my body adjusting or something...side effect?? cause if he says it again today...i'm going to side effect him in the side of the head!!!! then we'll see whose slurring words...

i did go to big lots all by myself yesterday....that was a big accomplishment for me...i have that job interview at 4 today and i am really nervous about that...so say a prayer and wish me luck....i have the job...its just the health nurse and meeting new people and all that jazz that i'm not good at!!!

are you doing ok???....life good?? chat back soon...love kel