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hi my lab results say serum tsh levels 7.66 miu/l (0.3-7r) serum free t4 level 14 pmol/l (11-23r) i dont know if this helps i am sure thy said t3 was normal are the lab results the same in england
Free T4: As you can see in a range of (11 - 23), your number, 14 is at the bottom of the range. Optimal is middle to upper part of the range. 17 would be the middle of the range, optimal would be higher than that. Just being anywhere in the "normal range" is not good enough. If it were, you would probably feel good at that level. Do you feel good at that level? Of course you don't.

TSH: You are over the highest number in the "normal range".
For TSH, optimal is low, around 1.0
Do you feel good with your TSH above the top of the range?
No, of course NOT.
YOu don't want to be just anywhere in the 'normal range", your want to be optimal.

Do NOT assume your Free T3 was "normal" either. I am sure thats way too low too.
Get copies of your labs.
They will be happy with you anywhere in the "normal range",they think thats fine. I know its NOT.
You will likely be happy and feeling much better... when ALL your thyroid hormone levels are OPTIMAL.

Even in the USA, different labs companies use different numbers for "refernce ranges", thats why we need to know the numbrers any particilar lab uses to determine where someone's numbers fall.

You may end up needing a T3 med too. Synthroid is a T4 only med.
Good luck.