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Oh my heck, I had mono in 9th grade, I was always so sick after that I seemed to get everything possible to get. That is so crazy. My thyroid was off just right before I was diagnosed, so they put me on synthroid, and they my indo said that with the synthroid it made my symtoms to addisons go faster, I don't understand why, but looking back it all makes since now. It seems to be a disease that has to get worse in order to get better. How do you do this with your kids? I don't have any yet, but we are going to start trying. So how do you do it? You must be super mom. I can't imagine how you do it without meds. Oh I'll pray for you!
Thank you! I just have to do it, I guess :) I know moms going through chemo and stuff way worse than how I feel with little kids, so I just tell myself if they can do it, surely I can. I was diagnosed w/ hyper thyroid in highschool, like I mentioned before, and my doctor said it was a fluke, due to a flu virus I had the month before. Then, after having my daughter, I wasn't feeling like myself and went to my doctor and they ran blood work and said I had hypo thyroidism this time, and it was due to having a baby, so I was put on Synthroid and felt better for a bit, than bad again. Now, three years later, I am still on the same dose of Synthroid, but now am feeling worse. I have had a lot of stress in my life since having my son 15 months ago, so I assumed my feeling poorly was due to that (my mom getting cancer, seeing her go through chemo, my husband changing careers and having to start over, moving, my son being hospitalized twice, financial issues, etc) but now that things are looking up and I am not feeling as overwhelmed, I am still not feeling quite like I used to. I guess I'll find more out when I finally see the endo on the 14th. I had a lot of problems with both pregnancies and one miscarriage, so if I do have Addison's I wonder if that contributed.