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I read here but rarely post.

I have a few questions for the experts ;)

In March, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease due to labs and symptoms.

My question, however, is specifically about one of my labs the "Thyroperoxidase Antibodies" lab which should have had a reading of < 60, my reading was 624 which was quite elevated. I was placed on Synthroid (actually take the generic) and I am feeling much better - more energy and fewer migraines. I had repeat labs a few weeks ago and saw my Endocrinologist this week, I was expecting this value (the TPO reading) to be back closer or even in the normal range but instead, it is now well over a thousand: 1,019.

My doctor talked to me about various things and said she will be reporting this back to my Neurologist because I have been labelled as "possible MS" for years and also I had a test low positive on a recent Lupus test. My doctor also mentioned Sjogrens and another form of Hashimotos that effects the nervous system (I think).

My question is can anybody give me a bit more insight. She mentioned crossover autoimmune illnesses. I just don't want to put myself through another spinal tap (which my Neuro has been requesting for about 2 years) unless there is extremely good evidence that I need to do this. The doctor talked fast, and / or / my brain just could not comprehend all that she was saying.

Any advice, opinions, experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much !