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I feel yucky in general, but seems to be worse in the mornings. I have no energy and feel weak and just plain strange. It seems to get a little better by about noon - although still not up to par. I am 44, normal weight, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink, don't drink coffee, eat healthy and my bloodwork & hormone levels are all normal - doesn't make sense. I have friends who smoke and drink and don't exercise and feel just fine! I had some palpitations and wore a 24-hour heart monitor which indicated I have some PACs - Premature Atrial Contractions, but have been told thay are not serious and are not indicative of my symptoms. Is this all just anxiety or could something else be going on? It's very frustrating! I did take Nortriptyline for about 10 years but got off early last year. Felt fine until about March of this year when I got a very bad cold and cough - which went away, but still don't feel right. I'm very achy too - a feeling of being ill when in fact all tests show that I am healthy and should be feeling fine. I am hypothyroid and taking synthroid but TSH levels are normal. Any suggestions? I'm tired of feeling this way and want to feel normal again - if there is such a thing! :( Thank you
[QUOTE=SHARON1952;3624995]i have just found out i am hypothyroid i feel awful in the mornings i am on 50 mcg thyroxine at the moment it takes me about an hour to get motivated in the mornings my mother is the same but it gets better as the day goes on most days

Maybe it is Hypothyroid - I would think that by taking synthroid and my TSH levels being normal range that I would feel ok, but maybe not? Thanks for your response.